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Power in our country has been fraught with problems. Even today, many parts of India, both rural and urban, have frequent power cuts. Power is the most essential commodity in short supply, and high demand. One company has made its mission to relieve people of this shortage – Su-Kam.

Of course, many other firms have joined the fray. So, how does Su-Kam differ from the competition? With Su-Kam, whatever the product – inverter, battery or UPS system – it is a long term, nearly permanent solution. The technology and know-how that Su-Kam brings to its machines ensures that these products outlive their lifecycles, performing almost endlessly. And there is proof of the same!

Let us look at some real life Su-Kam. They’ve been using their Su-Kam machines for around a year. Mr. Arunday Sinha, Mr. Hari Om Sharma, Mr. Ranjeet, Mr. Sushil Kumar and Mr. Veenu Jain – all from Gurgaon. Their Su-Kam experience has been trouble-free, and they speak highly of their machine’s quality, and the service support they have received from the company.

One year is good, but it gets longer, and even more compelling. Mr. A. K. Solanki has been using his Su-Kam inverter for over 3 years, and it continues to give him unprecedented and faultless back-up! Mr. Manoj, from Gurgaon, is using the same Su-Kam inverter he bought eight years back – it still functions perfectly! The most unbelievable, but true, experience is doubtless that of all, Mr. Mukesh.Ten years ago, he bought a Su-Kam inverter, and it is still going strong, with no signs of giving up!

It’s amazing, the reliability and performance that comes with every Su-Kam product. It is this incredible longevity that makes Su-Kam the number one brand – one that provides absolutely permanent power solutions!

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