Su-Kam – Taking Power to Everyone

There are products and services galore, but there is often a disconnect between those who need them, and those for whom they’re available. For instance, you see an advertisement for an ice-cream, and want to have it. But when you reach the market, you are informed it is not available. Isn’t it very frustrating? Similarly, there are products that people across India need, to a more serious degree, but find them unavailable.

A very good example of this scenario are power back-up products. Power shortage is something the entire country suffers from, so shouldn’t it be ensured that power back-up products are freely available?

One company understands this very well, and goes out of its way to have the most wide-spread network of suppliers and distributors. It knows that it is vital that everyone in need of power back-up have access to its products. And that company is Su-Kam.

Millions across India have been able to lead power-full lives thanks to Su-Kam’s power back-up products – inverters, UPS systems, and batteries. Here’s a sample of real life Su-Kam customers from Maharashtra. Sine Power System (dealer) and Sangmeshwar Trader (distributor) from Nanded, Mr. Kiran Andhare and Mr. A Sabde from Latur, Prakash Agency (dealer) from Wani, Shree Agency (dealer) from Prabhani, and lastly, Mr. Anant Puranik from Nagpur. All these people, be it dealer or customer, are testimony of how robust Su-Kam’s sales network and reach is, making sure people have power.

Taking power to everyone – a service profitable for the company, and a huge service to society!

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Prakash Agency: Near Nagina Masjid, Sham Talkies Road, Wani, Maharashtra.

Mr. Anant Puranik: Manish Nagar, T-Point, Rajeshwari Park, Nagpur, Maharashtra.




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