Su-Kam is the best brand for a dealer

Many companies supply their products through dealers & distribution networks. Such companies have various schemes, incentives, and other methods of keeping the dealers happy. But in my decade plus experience of being a Su-Kam dealer; I have enjoyed a bond with Su-Kam that is much more special than what I have experience with any other brand.

My brother had asked me to consider a dealership with Su-Kam, which was a relatively new company, then. But I did not intend to finalize anything. It was nice to speak to some of the staff members, but my mind was made only after I spoke to the MD Mr Kunwer. Here was a chief of a company, who was so humble, yet so passionate & motivated that I felt I had to be a part of his story. That 5-minute long meeting was so inspiring, that the casual chat turned into an on-the-spot commitment. I completed the formalities immediately and our relationship started.

In 1998, Su-Kam was a relatively small company. Their products were very good, but the awareness was not as much as it is today. In fact, there were periods where we would only sell 13-15 products per month. But Mr Kunwer support was so solid, we never gave up. We just tried harder and harder. Also, Su-Kam’s innovative strategies made working with them a pleasure. At one point, the company announced a 40% discount and advertised heavily on all platforms. Such was the response that our sale jumped from 13 products a month to a whopping 1300!!

The company has a very positive approach towards business. Su-Kam’s success, today, is the result of their solid network. But the real test of our relationship came in the not-so good times. There was a rough patch of about 1-2 years when the sales weren’t very high and the profits were decreasing. But even then, Su-Kam stood by us like family. This kind of bond is very rare in business where all relationships are just about profits.

Today it’s all thanks to Su-Kam that I’m a successful man. It is a company that combines a few very important things very well to give dealers like me the power to go out there and make record sales. I hope I keep growing with the company in the years to come.

Vikas Gandhi




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