Su-Kam – The gift of light

“And God said, let there be light, and there was light.” ~ The Bible

While God willed there be light in the universe; the truth in today’s world is, ironically, quite the contrary. Especially so in India. Large parts of the country, even developed parts, suffer in darkness due to frequent power cuts and power deficiency. Light then, becomes an essential and a much-needed commodity. The light that helps a child study, the light that makes a father earn his livelihood, the light that makes a mother capable of caring for her family and the light that a grandparent reads his paper to. This vital light, is what Su-Kam’s power back-up solution brings. Constant, reliable, plentiful, many have received this invaluable gift of light, thanks to Su-Kam.

Shubhendu Datta from West Bengal & Manmohan Upadhyay from Orissa are two recipients of Su-Kam enabled power back-up. And for this, they are eternally thankful. Like them, S K Gupta from Ghaziabad, Kaushik Majumdar from Kolkata, and Pradeep Jindal from Noida; all have been using Su-Kam inverters for varying lengths of time. But what they now share in common is the gift of constant power supply. A rare and life-giving force, which is theirs’ forever now.

Be it our metro cities, far flung corners, or the less developed hinterland; power back-up is needed in some form or the other. With its versatile range of inverters, batteries, UPS and other solutions; Su-Kam offers a vast choice. Depending on one’s needs, business or personal, irrespective of the scale, there’s a Su-Kam for every one. Proof? The scores of happy customers that are enjoying the breadth of Su-Kam products.

Like Sudhir Kumar from Bihar, Ulaga Nathan from Tamil Nadu, Riyaz Ahmed also from Tamil Nadu, and Gautam Karmakar from West Bengal. All these happy Su-Kam customers have been using different Su-Kam power back-up products for years now and are content, successful, satisfied Su-Kam patrons.

Of course, Su-Kam, like all other brands & companies, is a profit-oriented business at the end of the day. But what it has done in the process is that it has performed a worthy service to the nation. For customers like Neti Chalapathi from Andhra Pradesh, Su-Kam is no less than a God-sent, giving millions the gift of light, and indeed, the gift of life!




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