Su-Kam – The People Company

There are numerous companies selling lots of wonderful products and services. A lot of these companies are very successful too, with profits and bottom lines exceeding expectations. What then makes a company truly special? Is it its value proposition? Is it its ethics? What is that X factor that makes a good company, a great one?


Its people. Just like a great government is one that works for the good of its people, a great company is one that mimics this behaviour. However, some governments do very well without necessarily meeting the peoples’ needs, and so do companies. There is one company, though, who’s entire philosophy is people-driven – not just by focusing on customers, but people who run it and work in it. And that company is Su-Kam.


Ask anyone working at Su-Kam, they will voluntarily say how the company treats them more like family, and less like employees. The same holds true for its supply chain – thousands of dealers, distributors and stores vouch for the fact that Su-Kam is like a large happy family, where people are encouraged and rewarded, and the scope for growth is immense.


A successful organisation is one where the company is more than the sum of its fixed parts – it is its people. It always boils down to the people, and Su-Kam’s strong human resources focus has endeared it to its employees and customers alike. Its power back-up products are the best is known, but it is the people-centric attitude that really makes brand Su-Kam tick.

Look at this strong contingent from Punjab – Mr. Ricky Sharma, Mr. Jaswinder Singh, Mr. Gurdeep Singh, Threeky Auto, Dhamesh Auto, and Eaststar Manufacturing Syndicate, from Ludhiana; Hardeep Auto from Moga; and Jindal Enterprises from Baranal. All love the brand Su-Kam. They have come to the unanimous conclusion that Su-Kam is a company for them, a real peoples’ organization!




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