Su-Kam – Working for people

There are a lot of companies in the market that offer a range of products & services. But few among them, offer a service that is vital to the very existence & growth of the people. At Su-Kam, power back-up solutions is not just their product offering, it is how they empower a growing nation. They aim to get each person out of the shackles of darkness, and place them firmly on the path to development & prosperity.

It is this people-centric philosophy, the company follows internally as well. Talk to any Su-Kam employee, and it will be clear that the company is nurturing, encouraging and very supportive, like an extended family. The camaraderie among the employees is positive & palpable and as one of them say, “It’s hardly like going to work.”

It is this spirit of support and do-good that has made Su-Kam & its products loved and treasured. Speaking to customers across India, it is the one thing that emerges clearly – people are very happy with the brand and very thankful for its services. For example, Mr. Gaurav Jain, Mr. Rajesh Sharma & Mr. Talvinder Singh, all proud Su-Kam owners & users, who belong to Jalandhar; unanimously admit to Su-Kam having completely changed their lives. They are a mighty proud & pleased lot.

Not unlike the Punjab contingent, there is Mr. Dharambir Snadhyal from New Delhi, and Ms. Sunita Gupta from Ghaziabad. These Su-Kam customers have been using their respective Su-Kam inverters & home UPS systems for a long time now. Their dependence on their Su-Kam machines is 100%, and they cannot imagine a life without this solid back-up.

Technology, affordability, features and a non-polluting nature – all these attributes, backed by a solid technical service, make Su-Kam miles ahead of anyone else. Lacs of customers swear by these Su-Kam facets and remain loyal to the brand. Mr. Balwinder Singh, Mr. Chetan Prabhaken and Mr. Achint Khanna from Punjab have all been impressed by Su-Kam’s attributes and not only promise to stay loyal to the brand but have made it the only marque they recommend to friends & family!

The impact that Su-Kam has made, both internally & externally, is remarkable. A company of the people, for the people!




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