Su-Kam – Permanently ending darkness!

“Better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness”

This age-old Chinese proverb seems to be the underlying philosophy adopted by power back-up solutions brand, Su-Kam. More than 10 years ago, when India was groping in the dark, thanks to numerous power-cuts in urban & rural India alike, Su-Kam decided that it had to do something about the grim situation.

Today, a decade on, Su-Kam has proved that rather than bicker about the electricity shortage, it can provide ace solutions. Through sheer hard work, time, investment and innovation, it has become a brand that provides the most reliable & extensive range of power back-up products, and has in turn, brought light into the lives of thousands of people across the country!

Su-Kam’s inverters, UPS systems & batteries are known for their performance and durability. They serve their owners tirelessly, without breaking down. They have connected Indians to a constant light, that has wiped out the darkness permanently. Here are 5 people who have been Su-Kam customers for over 1 year and are ecstatic to have emerged from their dark days: Mr. Navdeep Singh from Chandigarh, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Mr. Sumesh Verma & Mr. Raman Chabra from Jalandhar and Mr. Uttam Gautam from Haryana. A year with their Su-Kam products, and they have forgotten what it was to be without power!

Not only has Su-Kam wiped out electricity-deficient days & nights; the technological & build integrity of each Su-Kam product ensures that they perform endlessly! Their reliability is unquestionable and they simply go on and on and on. Mr. Manoj Kumar from Cuttack in Orissa, Mr. Samit Ghar from Gurgaon, Mr. Rajesh Kochar from Jalandhar and Mr. Santosh Kumar from Bihar have been using their Su-Kams for close to 3 years! They run perfectly and provide light & happiness.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in several parts of the country, a firm mandate to develop new, clean, green technologies like solar power is shaping up at Su-Kam. Along the way are customers like Mr. Amit Kumar Kaushik from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, who has been blessed with Su-Kam power back-up for the last seven years and still battling the darkness.

For a decade now, and as far as one can see into the future, Su-Kam is, and will carry on ending darkness and bringing light!




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