Su-Kam : Uttarkhand ki Shaan

Power shortage is a menace that all of India suffers from. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single part of the country that has escaped this epidemic. Especially in summers, the government puts active load shedding into force, and people, homes, and businesses, are left stranded.

 There is one company that has been working consistently, since its inception twelve years ago, to rid the country of this power outage. By developing a slew of world class power back-up products – inverters, UPS systems and batteries – to suit all sizes and manner of applications, Su-Kam has emerged the number one choice for anyone looking for a power back-up product. And it is no different in the state of Uttarakhand.

 People from various parts of the new state have bought Su-Kam power back-up products, and found that nothing comes close. Be it pricing, efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation – Su-Kam’s machines are the best. Mr. Sachin Kumar is one such real life Su-Kam customer, from the state’s capital Dehradun. He has been using a Su-Kam inverter for over two years, and is yet to face problems with it. Like him, there are hundreds more in Uttarakhand. Mr. Rakesh Panth, Mr. Devendra Singh, Mr. J.S. Negi and Mr. Vijay Gulati – all from Dehradun. Mr. Vasim from Roorkee, Mr. Baldev from Jwalapur, and Mr. Narednra Singh from Haldwani, All these people are currently using Su-Kam power back-up products. They are proud of their machines, and recommend them to anyone in need of a power back-up solution.

 It wouldn’t be unfair to say that when it comes to power back-up, Su-Kam is Uttarakhand Ki Shaan!

 Contact info of above Customers:

Mr. Sachin Kumar: 1174, Indira Nagar, Seemadwar, Dehradun.

Mr. Rakesh Panth: P. O. IIP, Manjra Mafi, Mohakpur, Dehradun.

Mr. Devendra Singh: House No. 327, Prem Nagar, Dehradun.

Mr. J.S. Negi: 289/2, Modern Colony, Aaraghar, Dehradun.

Mr. Vijay Gulati: 28/2, Laxmi Nagar Road, Dehradun.

Mr. Vasim: Dehradun Road, Near ICICI Bank, Roorkee.

Mr. Baldev: Subhas Nagar, Jwalapur.

Mr. Narendra Singh: 2/11, Nainital Road, Haldwani.




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