Su-Kam! Efficient in every way

What makes for superior products? Is it useful features? Is it hassle-free maintenance? Or is it great design? Actually, it is all of the above. And it is precisely this combination that is part of every Su-Kam product. But don’t take our word for it; hear it from Su-Kam’s many users.

Krupasindhu Behera from Cuttack can’t stop praising his Su-Kam’s features. “First I used the local transistor-based inverter. It was not efficient. Then the dealer gave me Su-Kam’s reference and told me about its new technology. He said it has no humming sound, it has an inverter mode, and that Su-Kam “acha lagta hai”. I’ve realized all those truths. It has a circuit breaker & buzzer and an excellent charging cycle. Just 1 hr of charging & it’s done.” This is a great example of how technology & features make Su-Kam products super friendly.

M Ravindran from Delhi remarks on the multi-utility of Su-Kam products. “I am using my Su-Kam inverter for my computer and also for office purposes, and it works perfectly.” While Dhanabal Kumarasamy from Kolkata feels that his Su-Kam product simply has no parallel. He says, “I have been using Su-Kam for many months & there is simply no problem in using it.”

Aside from useful features, it is the sheer reliability that makes a product efficient. Shubham Khandelwal from Rajasthan feels the same way. He says, “Achcha chal raha hai and it has good service. I can’t judge the product as I have purchased it only 7 months ago, but overall the product is good.” Rohit Kumar from New Delhi also shares his trouble-free usage; “My Su-Kam has no problem till now and it has good service.”

The brand itself has come to symbolize efficiency. Akshaya Samataray from Bangalore admits that it is Su-Kam’s reputation that instills the confidence; “ I purchased Su-Kam as it is a market leader and best in quality. I have no problems with the product. Backup is good, brand name and good service are the main things”. Alavi Mala from Kerala endorses Su-Kam’s brand image; “Branded hai, has a good battery backup. Overall its good.”

Even the design of Su-Kam’s products have won the brand many loyal customers who swear by its design efficiency. Private sector executive Nitin Sawant says, “Display is good, the design is good and the performance is good too.” Vilas Chadlekar from Maharashtra also says that Su-Kam’s efficiency lies in the product’s design; “Digital display is convenient & clear, and the product is fast charging. It is extremely efficient.”

Gadigeppa Tigadi from Karnataka is a software engineer; and offers a holistic insight into what makes Su-Kam’s products a sum total of extreme efficiency. He proudly states, “Quality is good, good output, good response, good performance, and response from the company is also good!”

Efficient in every way possible, that’s a given with Su-Kam products!



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