Su-Kam’s Happy Customer!

 “Your staff and workers in the field were great. They did a wonderful job with the installation. Currently I am using SolarCon but I am planning to upgrade to run my entire household’s load on solar. I will definitely recommend Su-Kam to my friends and relatives. In fact I have already recommended Su-Kam to a friend of mine who lives in Delhi.” Naveen Gulia, Sr. Technical Consultant, HP

Su-Kam’s Happy Customer

Naveen Gulia, Senior Technical Consultant, HP, at his residence in Sector 45, Gurgaon.


Naveen Guliaa Senior Technical consultant at HP was always intrigued by the idea of clean, more affordable solar energy for his home. So when he decided to install solar panels on the rooftop of his residence in Sector 45, Gurgaon, he started collecting information on the internet.  Naveen sent a query on Su-Kam’s website and within 24 hours a Su-Kam distributor in his vicinity called up and recommended the perfect solar package as per his requirement. From there Su-Kam’s team took care of everything from home inspections to solar panel installation. All he did was watch it come together.


Naveen is using SolarCon a unique product from Su-Kam that can be attached to your existing inverter along with solar panels. It works intelligently to decide when to charge your inverter from solar or from the grid, depending on the availability of solar energy at that time. It hugely cuts down on your electricity bills. You can also monitor your saving with the LCD rupee saver display.


Naveen has been generating electricity from his solar panels for the past 2 months now and is extremely happy with the result. Su-Kam’s SolarCon harnesses solar energy and generates power to run all the lights and fans of his house. He is also happy that he is saving a lot of money. He now plans on upgrading to our solar PCU which will run heavier loads like AC.



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