Su-Kam’s Industrial Certifications

Su-Kam – the leading Power Back-up Solution provider in India, with its consistent focus on technological innovation, has attained heights unheard of, in the largely unorganized industry.  Having a clear technological edge, creating new benchmarks and upgrading standards for the industry comes naturally to Su-Kam. Today, Su-Kam is the established leader in product innovation, design sensibility and sales distribution network.

Time and again, Su-Kam continues to receive the industry’s most prestigious independent certifications, accolades  and awards.

Certifications received by Su-Kam are as follows:

  • ISO 9001ISO 9001: A model for quality assurance systems in design, development, production, installation and servicing.
  • ISO14001ISO 14001: This certification pertains to Environment Management System Standard and covers all activities related to design, development and manufacture.
  • CECE MARK: All Su-Kam Products are CE certified. The prestigious Marking is the abbreviation of French phrase ‘Conformite Europeene’ which means ‘European Conformity’. Affixing this multinational standardized mark to a product will allow any global manufacturer a ‘Passport’ to freely distribute their products within the European Union (total 28 countries) without additional quality testing or approvals. Su-Kam is the first Indian company in Inverter / UPS Systems industry to have been honoured this mark for its inverters, on-line and offline UPS Systems.
  • ULUL MARK: UL is United States’ original product safety certification organization. The UL mark is the most widely recognized and accepted evidence of a product compliance with US and Canadian safety requirements.
  • CRISILCRISIL: Crisil has assigned an ‘SME AAA rating‘ to Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd, indicating ‘Highest Level of Creditworthiness, adjourned in relation to other SMEs’ .

Continuous focus on quality and strict adherence to international standards has enabled Su-Kam to export its products to various overseas markets across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Pacific Region. Currently, 10 % of the company’s turnover is made up of exports, and this is poised to rise exponentially in the years ahead. The prestigious international certifications of CE and UL, awarded to its products to meet European, US and Canadian norms, has enabled Su-Kam to market its products across the globe.

Su-Kam still continues on its fulfilling journey, a journey driven by power solutions.

Since the last many years the support we have been getting from our dedicated customers has led us to believe that we can achieve more and still has a long way to go. We expect this level of support to continue and desire for more.

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