Su-Kam’s MD Kunwer Sachdeva at IndiaMart and Tie’s SME Conclave

IndiaMart and Tie Delhi organized an SME conclave – SMEs New Age Disruptors of Indian Economy at Sheraton Hotel in Delhi. As our founder & MD, Kunwar Sachdeva, has been famously speaking at various events, he was a natural choice for this event as well. The IndiaMat and Tie team approached Mr. Sachdeva once again and he heartily agreed to join in.

Kunwer Sachdeva with Brijesh Agarwal and Willian Bissell

Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva was a keynote speaker – he was joined by the MD of Fab India, Mr. William Bissell, and co-founder of IndiaMart, Mr. Brijesh Agarwal. The topic they were given was very interesting and quite close to Kunwar Sachdeva’s heart – Make in India. Kunwar has always been a big supporter of PM Shri Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiative. Su-Kam is undoubtedly the best example of how it is possible to make it big in India. At Su-Kam, we take pride in ourselves for using all made in India products and selling to 90 countries worldwide – we’re lead by a shudh desi entreprenuer Mr. Kunwer Sachdev who built this 1200 Cr. huge business empire with a meager sum of Rs. 10,000, initially. We have come a long way without relying on imports.

Kunwer Sachdeva at IndiaMArt SME 2015

Mr. Sachdeva shared many insights to encourage entrepreneurship in India. He said that now is the perfect time to launch new business in India as there are unlimited resources available – we just need to know how to make best use of what’s given to us. Money and capital are important but ‘junoon’ – the passion to succeed matters the most, he said to houseful of audience. He struck a chord with the audience when he broke the myth of abundance – it is scarcity that keeps the passion burning alive so don’t think that you need abundance of things to succeed. He always asked the budding startups and entrepreneurs to know and love their product – it is not possible to succeed if you don’t love what you do. Even if you don’t earn money initially, if you make the best product – you’ll experience satisfaction and drive to push further.

Kunwar Sachdeva addressing the audience during SME 2015

He got a huge round of applause when he claimed that it is a myth that Indians can’t become successful entrepreneurs. There are many examples of Indian entrepreneurs making it big in India and abroad. Entrepreneurship is our blood, he said.

We know that you can’t wait to watch the entire video of him talking so we’ll post that soon. Keep watching this space.

If you’d like to get in touch with Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva please ‘like’ his page on FB. We’ve heard that he is spending an hour every day to personally post stuff and reply to messages.



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