Su-Kam’s Special Guests from Southern Africa

Su-Kam has got be the most happening office ever! Events, outings, celebrations, theaction never ends at Su-kam. Team Su-Kam recently got an opportunity to interact with two very special people from Southern Africa. Meet Mr. Simon and Mr. Peter.

Simon and Peter head the marketing and technical divisions for Su-Kam’s distributor in Southern Africa. Impressed by the quality of our products,and quality assurance process, they wanted to learn more about us. So, we decided to call them here, in India.

During their 15 days stay at Su-Kam they gained a thorough knowledge of what goes into our products. They visited Su-Kam’s production units in Himachal Pradesh and got extensive training by our brilliant engineers who work at our R&D division.

With a very big smile, Peter Phiri says that he is now confident that he can handle any technical issues that he faces during the servicing of our products. Mr. Simon Nyirongo says “now I know what makes Su-Kam’s products so special. They go through a thorough quality check before hitting the market.”

Peter and Simon were also taken away by the spirit of teamwork at our office. The thing that touched their hearts was the humbleness of our employees. An office where anyone and everyone from the Managing Director of the company to factory-line workers welcome you with open arms is an awesome place to work. They said that they have never seen any office before that works as a single unit. Well, what do we say? We’re number one, we’re team Su-Kam.



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