Su-Kam – Assurance of power!

Electrical appliances and gadgets are prone to malfunction. Perhaps it is in the nature of these products. They run on electricity & are exposed to voltage fluctuations. Also, factors like weather conditions, humidity levels determine their operating standards. Even inverters, that are meant to solve power issues, are marred by shortchanged technology, inefficient batteries and such other reasons. However, speaking to a number of Su-Kam customers, one finds that their products, be it inverters & batteries of UPS systems, have an unsurpassed reliability factor that almost never sees them breaking down. The products provide years of relentless service, power & joy to their owners.

Take Mr. Amrendra Pandey’s example, from Kolkata in West Bengal. He bought his Su-Kam inverter over a year ago, and though he admits he had heard good things about the brand, what he did not expect was the kind of trouble-free performance his machine continues to give him despite its age! Needless to mention, Mr. Pandey is thrilled with his decision to go Su-Kam. And Mr. Manoj Sharma from New Delhi, who has used his Su-Kam product for exactly the same length of time, shares his ditto opinion!

In fact, Su-Kam products have proved their reliability beyond any shred of doubt. So much so, that customers who recount good experiences with Su-Kam are not a small group; they represent the norm when it comes to Su-Kam’s great performance. The entire customer-group, that now runs into thousands, vouches for the brand’s solid credentials.

Others, who are part of the 1-year category include the very satisfied Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Mr. Mahantram Om Prakash & Mr. Harjeet Singh from Punjab, and Mr. Sateesh from New Delhi. All have enjoyed the smooth Su-Kam power assurance for over a year now.

But the real startling & tall testament of Su-Kam’s build integrity is the group of customers, who have been using their respective Su-Kam machines for 2 years or more; still serving them with unfailing performance! 2 years for Shinghari Enterprises in Jalandhar, 4 years for Mr. HK Prakash also in Jalandhar, and an amazing 5 years for Mr. Hirendra Nath Ray in Kolkata!

There is simply no other brand, that can give its customers, and indeed the nation, a greater Assurance of Power!




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