Su-Kam – From the beginning to forever

The moment you buy a product, you start enjoying the benefits and features of your purchase. If it is a television set, you take in the great picture quality and are endlessly entertained. If it is an air conditioner, you bid adieu to the heat and enjoy the cool environment that your new AC has given you. But joys are interrupted by snags soon. It’s not any different with inverters and other power back-up products. The moment you get them, you have constant electricity. But what is crucially different about Su-Kam power back-up products is that, the joy they bring you starts with the purchase and carries on forever.

Mr. Rajeev Arora from Ghaziabad, Mr. Shailendra Palkar from Mumbai, Mr. Sharath Kumar from Bangalore and Mr. Vijay Kapoor from Jalandhar in Punjab are four Su-Kam customers, who have been using their Su-Kam machines for about 2 to 7 years; long time periods for electronic equipment. But despite the age of their Su-Kam inverters, their performance is just as good as it was, when they first bought them! They have and continue to enjoy uninterrupted power supply, thanks to their long-lasting Su-Kams.

It is, then, all about robust build, quality construction, and reliable technology; hallmarks of every product in Su-Kam’s diverse power back-up product portfolio. Ensuring that from day one, to a long time to come, these machines supply uninterrupted power. Backed by the most-trusted and efficient technical support in the industry, Su-Kam products come complete peace of mind!

Even the recent Su-Kam customers agree that their purchase decisions have been based on this ‘rock solid’ reputation that Su-Kam products enjoy. Mr. Rajib Basu from Kolkata, Mr. Anish Kumar from Mohali in Punjab & Mr. Ashok Grover from Jalandhar, Punjab, have all been using Su-Kam products for about 6 months. However, knowing the fantastic reputation Su-Kam has, they have no doubt at all, that their Su-Kam machines will outperform anything else out there, and continue giving them years of brilliant service.

Service, that is from the beginning to forever!

Mr. Rajeev Arora (SE-132 Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad 201002 Mobile no: 9953594538 email id:

Mr. Shailendra Palkar (Andheri Mumbai- 410206 Mobile no: 9022995677 email id:

Mr. Sharath Kumar (Flat #206, Poorna Palace Apt 12th A Cross, 2nd Main, J P Nagar 3rd Phase 560078 mobile no: 9845495125 email id:

Mr. Vijay Kapoor (223,ROSE PARK JALANDHAR -144008 Mobile no: 9463886750 email id:

Mr. Rajib Basu (P-4 SECOND STREET MODERNPARK, SANTOSHPUR KOLKATA-75 700075 Mobile no: 9831344443 email id:

Mr. Anish Kumar (#248, Phase VI Mohali Punjab -160055 Mobile no: 9872672233 email id:

Mr. Ashok Grover (ADJOINING DANDI ASHRAM MANDIR GAZI GULLA JALANDHAR 144008 Mobile no: 9878674870 email id:




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