Su-Kam – From brand to superbrand

Being a 10 year veteran at Su Kam, I feel that I have grown along with the company. I feel a deep sense of ownership & pride, like my own company has prospered and emerged a world class market leader. This is the story I want to share with you…

Su Kam, few people are aware, has been responsible for ushering in a totally new business paradigm into the power back-up industry. We have shattered the traditional unorganized practices and brought in a revolution in the manner the industry operates. These innovations have been game-changing and are hallmarks of Su Kam; Su Kam’s contribution to the sector. “See when I joined this organization I joined as executive sales. We were doing all sales related to direct sales. We were going to the customer and controlling the sales and getting installation done.  From there onwards we converted the industry into an industry where the dealer segment is also very important. We started appointing dealer networks and that was all the thought process of Su Kam. The transition from direct sale to dealer sale or channel network was very very important. And we did very very fantastically that transition, and currently we are going through only dealer network and distribution network. We have more than 9000 dealers across India and about 2000 dealers outside India.”

Keeping this huge network well oiled and happy is a key and ongoing exercise at Su Kam. It’s like one giant family, and each member of the family must be kept smiling. “Dealers and distributors are our face to the customers. We are not communicating directly to the customers. So dealers and distributors are doing that. We have a relationship team, we have different schemes for dealers, we do a lot of dealer activity, we do a lot of dealer workshops, we do a lot of dealer-specific training”. These are some of the continuous methods by which Su Kam has transformed a once stagnant and disorganized industry into a thriving sector; and all our innovations have prompted some very large international companies to come into the market too. But if I can be honest, we have a first mover advantage, we have been pioneers, and we have a goodwill and a technological and price advantage that is hard to beat. So our competition in that sense is only with ourself. And the results are in front of everyone to see.

“Su Kam has grown manyfolds. In terms of manpower, in terms of revenues, in terms of turnover, in terms of net worth, in terms of global experience, in terms of facilities, in terms of brand. All across because when I joined 10 years back it was a very very small company. And currently Su Kam is a super brand status holder in India. Currently we’re exporting to over 52 countries all across so this brand is present in more than 52 countries at the moment. So you can very well imagine how much Su Kam has grown in the last 10 years.”

Many people would be more than content with this journey from brand to super-brand. But at Su Kam, we don’t take our success too seriously. We constantly move on to the next challenge. “We had learned the phrase, the sky is the limit and that is 100% true for this organization.”
My personal growth and Su Kam’s growth are two things that I see, have gone hand in hand. I have come a long way, from Sales Executive to GM of Exports. We were the first company that dared to get into exporting Inverters & UPS, with our MD telling me, even if the 1st year we make a loss it does not matter! This is the kind of passion that makes people like me tick in an MNC like Su Kam, and takes Su Kam from a small brand to a fast expanding Super Brand. As we say in Su Kam, truly, Ek Nayi Soch!

Sanjay Sharma




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    thank you

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