A Su-Kam for every Indian!

For too long, India has grappled with power & electricity shortage. In rural India, there are parts that have never had power! And even in our cities, including the metropolitan ones, power cuts & load sheddings are commonplace. Su-Kam is one company that has alleviated this situation immensely. With its exhaustive range of power back-up products, Indians now breathes easy. The amazing part about Su-Kam’s story is that the brand has reached each corner of the country and provided a power back-up solution for, literally, ever Indian. Let’s find out!

Mr. Ram Lakhan Pushkar from Lucknow has been a Su-Kam inverter customer for some time now. And his life has been transformed, thanks to Su-Kam and the constant power he now has. Similarly, in remote Yangon, Win Min Zaw heard of Su-Kam from friends & relatives; and having used the brand for four months, cannot conceive of life without it! No matter where one looks; from a small town in India, to rural centers in China, Su-Kam is there.

Gurgaon & Noida, the upwardly mobile satellite cities to the capital, are much sought after. They have seen unprecedented growth & a new, confident & progressive people have made these two places their home. Electricity problems, however, persist. Here too, Su-Kam has healed many lives. Pramod Singh from Gurgaon & Umesh Kumar from Noida are two Su-Kam loyalists to whom Su-Kam is simply indispensable!

Be it Sudhir Kumar or Chitta Ranjan from Bhawanipatna in Orissa, Sachin Gulati from Amritsar, Sabir Hussain from Hyderabad, or even Karol Karmakar from IT city Bangalore; Su-Kam has spread its operations, equity and smiles to all of India. To a farmer, who needs to irrigate his lands & needs electricity; to an entrepreneur in small town in Gujarat, who needs his office to be running constantly; to the techie in Bangalore, who needs to be online all the time; and to the families living in parts of the country, that have frequent power-cuts; to all these & more, Su-Kam has become a vital means to an end, and improved their lives.

Like Vikram Thakur from Seoni in Madhya Pradesh, thousands of power-strapped Indians have been aided by Su-Kam. Unquestionably, it is the power back-up to every Indian!




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