Su-Kam, the first choice – Dealers and customers alike

A brand has two primary aims. To provide a product that satisfies its customers and to reach the customers through a well-oiled distribution network. Not only must the distribution network be spread out, it must also be provided the right incentives to keep its morale and enthusiasm up. Su-Kam is one brand that has managed to keep both its dealers as well as its customers, equally happy. By superb products and superb support, both segments of people accept Su-Kam as their first and often times, only choice!

Speaking of dealers first; the practice mostly followed in the power back-up products category is multi-brand stores. It is rare to come across dealerships that are stand-alone single brand retail outlets. The multi-brand phenomena puts a lot of power in the hands of the dealer. It is often based on a dealer’s recommendation, that people make their purchase decisions. And that most dealers strongly suggest Su-Kam, speaks volumes about the company!

Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh from from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is a Su-Kam dealer. Mr. Pushkar Kumar Agarwal from Neem Ka Thana in Rajasthan is also a Su-Kam dealer. Both these people voice the beliefs of other Su-Kam dealers, when they say that Su-Kam offers the best products. Also, because of their affordability, features, reliability and support to the customers & dealers alike, it is the number one recommendation they make to their customers. In fact, they even admit that customers themselves are most interested in Su-Kam and make fervent inquiries about their products, having heard good things from friends & relatives!

So the dealer network’s first choice is clearly Su-Kam. But so is the entire country’s! India has awakened to the awesome attributes of Su-Kam products and the brand’s inverters, batteries & UPS systems have been providing years of uninterrupted power & electricity; having created a huge & dedicated customer-base, that swears by nothing else but Su-Kam!

Mr. S Bhalla & Mr. Jajesh Kumar from Jalandhar, Mr. Madhu Dhavala from Bangalore & Mr. Shankar Padmanabhan from Ghaziabad. All these people are loyal Su-Kam users, who have been relishing constant electricity for over a year now, because of their Su-Kam power back-up products. Similarly, Ms. Lovleen Kumar & Mr. H S Flora from Punjab, Mr. Prakash Das from New Delhi and Mr. Pawan Kaul from Kanpur; are all Su-Kam customers, for whom the search for power back-up, ended with Su-Kam.

Dealers & customers alike, Su-Kam has won the hearts of a nation!




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