Enjoy power years with Su-Kam

In India, a large part the year is spent without electricity. In the metros & larger cities, especially in summer time, the government effects power cuts & load shedding to save power. In smaller towns & rural areas, the infrastructure itself is not reliable enough to guarantee constant power. The result is frustratingly long absence of power, which impedes both personal & professional lives!

Despite the less than ideal power situation, Su-Kam’s power back-up products have alleviated the circumstances for a lot of people across the country. By using Su-Kam’s many inverters, batteries & UPS systems, customers of the brand have found an inexpensive, non-polluting, and reliable way of getting power.

Mr. Narendra Kumar Tyagi from Gautam Budha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh has been enjoying the many advantages of constant power, thanks to his Su-Kam inverter for over 2 years. He is very satisfied with the product and the service! Like Mr. Tyagi, literally thousands have experienced the joy of power, thanks to Su-Kam.

Then there are Mr. Pankaj Mittal from New Delhi, Mr. Imran Ali Mirza from Kolkata in West Bengal, and Mr. Trilochan Singh from Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. All these individuals have been reaping the benefits of power for over 2 years. They belong to different parts of India, from small towns to the major cities, and that is a vital indication of the penetration & patronage of Su-Kam!

There are countless customers that Su-Kam has brought limitless joy to. Lives have been transformed, homes are happier places, and businesses are progressing; all thanks to Su-Kam’s power back-up products, that have given people an opportunity to prosper. Mr. Manoj Pandey from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Sunil S from New Delhi & Mr. Sonam Shyam from Dehra Dun in Uttarakhand are just a few more happy Su-Kam customers, who can’t stop thanking the brand.

For all its customers, Su-Kam has provided not just power, but power years, in which they have changed their lives for the better!




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