Su-Kam – A technology to win

India’s first Sine Wave Inverter, India’s first Plastic Body Inverter, India’s first Power On Wheels offering… The list of innovations, firsts, and technological breakthroughs of this company is so long, it would be name them all, unless a whole post is dedicated to it. Suffice it to say, at Su-Kam, technological innovation is the bedrock of the company.

Based on this firm foundation, the power back-up sector has been transformed from a once crude home-operated machine cottage industry to a thriving global industry, with cutting edge products! The beneficiaries are lacs of Indians, who were earlier suffering from power deficits. But now their lives have been dramatically altered, as they have constant power!

To get an accurate idea of the impact Su-Kam’s technological revolution has had through its myriad power back-up products, one has to look at a cross-section of the brand’s patrons. Mr. Samik Pal & Mrs. Sumita Banik from Kolkata in West Bengal, Mr. Madhur Chaudhary from Ghaziabad in UP, Mr. Sachin Ambre from Pune in Maharashtra, and Mr. Satish Kumar from Phillaur in Punjab – all these Su-Kam customers have been using one or the other Su-Kam product for varying lengths of time, averaging to 2 years.

Two things are noteworthy. One, the geographical spread of these people – ranging from small town India to the metros. Second, that they have all had excellent performance and service from their Su-Kam machines, which they attribute largely to the 100% reliable technology of Su-Kam! As a result, not only are these customers a happy lot, they have become voluntary champions of the Su-Kam brand, recommending it, propagating it and advocating it.

Su-Kam’s technological strides have led to many firsts. Feats that are powerful and prided. India’s first High Capacity inverter and India’s first MOSFET based inverter are two amazing examples. With these innovations, lacs have been turned into staunch patrons. Mr. Ashwini Sharma, Mr. Surinder Singh, Mr. Shekhar Kumar, all from Punjab, are just a few more examples of tremendously happy Su-Kam customers.

The technological revolution that Su-Kam has led, has made life easier & better for many.




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