Su-Kam – A power investment!

Investment advice comes from different quarters. It can come from financial advisers, from one’s own research or from work peers. But the most sound & selfless advice tends to come from close friends & family. The reason is simple – this group of people only has our best interests in mind, without any other motives. So when a brand is recommended strongly by a close friend, or by one’s relatives; it automatically becomes well-respected. And that’s exactly what Su-Kam users have become to the brand – its staunch advocates. Because these people know that buying a Su-Kam power back-up product, is a win-win investment!

Amey Kerkar from Pune was suggested a Su-Kam by a close friend, who had been using the brand. He took his friend’s advice and bought a Su-Kam inverter. Now, after using his Su-Kam inverter for over a year, Mr. Kerkar is absolutely convinced of his investment. He has constant power, which gives him the power in-turn, to focus on other important things in his life, and improve the lot of his family. Similarly, Rajeev Kumar from Bihar bought his Su-Kam on recommendation. And he too agrees now, that its been the wisest purchase he ever made!

Having a reliable, clean, efficient, silent & economical power back-up product goes a long way in changing lives, enhancing one’s lifestyle, and being the necessary impetus to growth & prosperity. It has been no different for all Su-Kam users. Prabal Chaudhari from Kolkata, Sanjeev Sharma from Noida, Sukanta Dey from Assam; are all Su-Kam users, whose lives have undergone tremendous upward change from the time they decided to end their dark-times with the purchase of their respective Su-Kam products.

Even sceptics of power back-up products in general, people who’ve used other brands & had bad experiences, have converted to believers once they switched to Su-Kam. One such person is Mrs. Jaspal Kaur from Ropar in Punjab. She suffered due to an inferior product for 2 arduous years & then on a friend’s strong insistence, switched to Su-Kam. She is extremely happy since!

So be it Jaswinder Singh from Chandigarh, Rakesh Shukla from greater Noida or Amarnath Kashinath from Karnataka; all have either voluntarily, or on advice, bought Su-Kam products. What they share in common, is a belief that it has been the single best investment they made. Truly, a Power Investment!




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