PPS with Time Delay Relay (TDR): 6AMP/250VAC

Power Protection System (PPS) with Time Delay Relay (TDR)

Power Protection System (PPS) with Time Delay Relay (TDR)

Nobody on the Earth would like to get their appliances damaged. They are expensive and one takes utmost care for them. But we are going to care for your appliances. So, Su-Kam has come up with PPS or Power Protection System that safeguards your appliances from power disturbances such as Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Spikes, Sparks, Surges and Frequency variation.

As soon as a power failure or disturbances occur in the supply, the PPS disconnects the respective equipment from input power supply. Whenever the power resumes or becomes stable, it reconnects the equipment to the grid supply. In addition it also provides a specified “Time Delay” so as to avoid immediate restarting of the equipment.

The Power Protection System has a micro-controller inside that not only monitors the quality of grid power but also controls the entire PPS operations. All voltage, frequency limits and time delay are programmable and are factory stable.

PPS with Time Delay Relay (TDR) helps in safeguarding electronic appliances like Laptop, PC, DVD, TV, Refrigerator, Fan, CFL, Tube light, Mobile Charger, Small Water Pumps etc. This system can handle a high surge power and has Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS). It has built in time delay operation suitable for any type of load up to 6A/250VAC. PPS, TDR has very fast response time of 15-20 milliseconds to cut off the equipments from bad quality power.

The Technical Specifications are as follows:

Operating Voltage Range 170V to 260V
Operating Frequency 45 to 55 Hz
Time Delay 60 Sec (5 Sec. to 3 Min. adjustable )
Operating Ambient 40 degrees centigrade  (max)
Relative Humidity 95% (Non-Condensing)
Weight (grams) 92
Dimensions (w/d/h) mm 49.1/53.5/11

Have you ever faced problems with unstable voltage or low quality power that has led to the damage of your appliances? Right now are you using any Power Protection System, if so how is it delivering? Do feel free to post anything you think because we care for your needs.



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