Su-Kam – Offering total power solutions

Su-Kam’s product range is exhaustive and robust. Power back-up solutions for small homes to large offices and for varying applications are available from Su-Kam. Batteries, UPS, Inverters – of different sizes & capacities, using the latest technologies to make them clean, green, and endlessly reliable. Following this, the consumer-base for Su-Kam is just as diverse. But they all have one thing in common; they are all totally satisfied.

Let’s meet the inverter-set first. Rajeev Sharma from Delhi shares his story with us. He says, “I have been a Su-Kam inverter user for many years. In fact, I recently needed to replace my old inverter & I just shut my eyes and bought Su-Kam again. It functions smoothly and service is very good. Then why look elsewhere?” Sangram Saraf from Bhawanipatna swears by his Su-Kam inverter, “I am very happy with my Su-Kam inverter. It always works very well.” Srichand Rochwani from Orissa & Rajesh Kumar from Ludhiana also admit to being loyal inverter users, and say that they will never look at another brand except Su-Kam. Ritu Singh from New Delhi opines, “I had such a good experience with the service team of Su-Kam, now I will always buy their inverters.” And Rabindra Chakraborty from Kolkata says, “I have been using a Su-Kam inverter for one whole year and it works perfectly.” A truly happy & completely satisfied inverter user-base this.

While inverters may be the most popular offering from Su-Kam, it is a brand that offers many more products. Each product line is produced with equal R&D and with the same world-class standards. A number of Su-Kam battery users feel exactly the same. Chandan Kumar from Panipath says, “I am using my Su-Kam battery for the last 7 months & it is too good in its performance.” Reiterating his confidence is BP Kumar from Ludhiana, who says “Su-Kam battery is the best! I am using it for 8 months now. Product & service is very good.” Many others, like Vipulkumar Patel from New Delhi and Rajiv Chandok from Punjab, have also been long-term users of Su-Kam batteries, and are very satisfied with their respective products.

Su-Kam products have spread their wings and have converted many customers into ardent fans. Not just batteries & inverters, Su-Kam’s other power back-up solutions like UPSes also have a dedicated & constantly growing number of admirers. Like Deepak Kaushik from New Delhi, who says, “I checked in the market & on the Internet and decided on a Su-Kam UPS. I am very happy with my purchase.” Likewise, Vijaya Rajan from Chennai supports Su-Kam by saying, “I am using a Su-Kam Home UPS for 6 months and I am very happy.”

With its excellent products in every possible power back-up category, Su-Kam is truly empowering India!




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