Su-Kam products – Great after sales and technical back-up

Great products are not just so. A strong backing is among the few things that make a product great. There has to be solid after-sales support and regular maintenance for the products to prove reliable, dependable, and efficient in the long run. Su-Kam and its products are living testimony to this fact. In Su-Kam’s philosophy, the story is not over when a consumer buys a product. In fact, the story only begins there.

Awadhesh Mishra from Faridabad is one such Su-Kam patron, who swears by their rock-solid relationship with customers. He talks of his own experience, “I had used three inverters before and often ended up with multiple issues as soon as the 1 year warranty was up. Then I switched to Su-Kam. With Su-Kam, no maintenance was required for almost 2 years. Only recently, I had to call them for customer support. The engineer was at my door within just four hours and provided the service with a smile! This was the most impressive part.”

Supriya Sood, another happy customer from New Delhi supports Awadhesh’s statement by saying, “Service and support are par excellence. Customer care is best. There is no match for Su-Kam!”

And these experiences with Su-Kam’s superb service are not just stray cases. Brilliant customer support is one of the company’s main objectives. Anindya Das in New Delhi is another one of the scores of delighted Su-Kam consumers. She says, “Till date, I have not found a single problem and the power back up of the batteries is simply incomparable. When needed, the service engineer visits within two hours and also gives us useful tips. Really, Su-Kam products and service are of the best quality! I shall suggest everyone to use their products.”

Howrah resident Monalisa Singha echoes the sentiments, “Su-Kam’s after-sales support and service gives me maximum benefits from the products.”

Be it regular maintenance or technical support, Su-Kam’s after-sales service machinery works round the clock to give its customers the best service back-up for a hassle free & efficient ownership experience. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. “I had some problem with the battery unit & this was brought to the notice of the company. The unit was replaced immediately with new batteries”, confirms  happy customer I J Vijh from Chandigarh.

Noida resident Amit Chauhan says, “I received instant help from the customer care and technical staff. I think this is a really big achievement – to satisfy customers by providing quality services.”

Pawan Sharma from Meerut seconds this opinion. “Su-Kam customer services are excellent”.

The list of satisfied Su-Kam customers is truly endless. And the simple reason for this is best summed up by Baleshwar Kumar Jain from Uttar Pradesh who says, “ I am the most satisfied customer of Su-Kam. The local dealer and customer care response from them is great. The company is always launching high quality products. And service personnel come to your doorstep in just one call. I always recommend Su-Kam to our relatives and friends”.

Su-Kam, full back-up for your power back-up!




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