Proud Su-Kam customers speak out

Mr. HPS Tomar is from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. He has been using a Su-Kam inverter for almost one year now. “I am extremely happy with my Su-Kam inverter and the service of the company,” he says. Mr. Tomar’s is not an isolated story. In fact, it is an opinion shared by a vast majority of people, who have used any of Su-Kam’s power back-up solutions and have come upon the realization that they are the owners of the very best back-up products available in the market.

From the IT hub Bangalore, there is Mr. V Prasanna, who has been using a Su-Kam inverter for about 8 months. Says he, “The inverter is working very well and I am glad I bought Su-Kam; it’s the best.” Similarly, Mr. Manojkumar Deo from Panipath in Haryana opines, “I have been using Su-Kam for 3 years now and I’m completely satisfied with the product!” He proves that even in the long-run, Su-Kam products are one’s best option for constant power.

People, all over India, have felt a significant difference in their standards of living, thanks to adopting Su-Kam inverters, batteries and UPS systems. And appreciation of this comes from all quarters. Mr. Sachin Garg from Delhi, Mr. Nitin Kabra from West Bengal, Mr. Raja Paul from Assam, Mr. P G Mohan from Tamil Nadu & Mr. Alokesh Dutta from Faridabad; all completely content Su-Kam customers, representing Su-Kam’s tremendous pan-India penetration, all join in the unanimous praise & appreciation for their beloved brand.

India and Indians have come a long way in their quest for constant power & electricity; thanks to Su-Kam. Lighting up lives and giving people an endless choice of power back-up solutions that suit diverse needs, Su-Kam has emerged one of the most-loved & recognized brands in the country. Its technology, affordability & longevity have won it rave reviews from the industry & patrons alike, and it continues to pioneer innovation & clean power for future generations.

For now, many are happy to be part of the Su-Kam revolution. Like Mr. Manpreet Singh from Jalandhar & Mr. Vinod Kumar from Ghaziabad; both 3 & 2 year Su-Kam users respectively say, “Power back-up means Su-Kam.” They, like all of Su-Kam’s other customers, believe in the brand immensely and recommend it to anyone who needs ‘powerful’ back-up!




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