Su-Kam’s Pure Sine inverter – Making life easier

Power cuts have become a nuisance in my area lately. The electricity goes off without prior notice at any time of the day. So, I bought an inverter for back up during power cuts. But it could only provide support for a couple of tube lights, a fan and a TV for a certain period of time.  Our problem still remained the same. One day I went for a party to a friend’s house in my neighbourhood. As we were getting ready, the electricity went off as usual. However, when I reached the party venue, it was surprising to see that the place was fully lit and the music was on as well. When I went inside, I found that the refrigerator was on too. With the electricity gone, how could have my friend manage to keep these appliances going? Surely he didn’t have a generator because the annoying hum was not there. I waited till the party ended, and then I asked him about it. Then he told about Su-Kam’s Pure Sine Wave High Frequency Inverter. He told me, he has the 3.5K VA Model which is capable of supporting a 1.0 Ton AC, 4 fans, 8 tube lights and 1 TV and is backed up by a 120-2-Ah Battery from Su-Kam.

The very next day I bought Su-Kam’s high frequency inverter. Since I have a smaller house and my requirement is less, I bought a 2.5K VA Model which could support 2 AC or 1 AC and a refrigerator, 4 fans, 8 tube lights and 1 TV. What else could I ask for?!

Life after that has changed completely! We don’t even know when the electricity goes off. Thanks to Su-Kam, all our problems have been solved. My son can finish his computer assignments even though there is load shedding. My wife is elated to be able to use her kitchen appliances and the washing machine during power cuts and finish her work in time before her television program starts. And I get to have desserts for dinner and have a glass of refreshingly cold water after coming home in the evening. These might sound very trivial; how isn’t life all about these small things? I just want to thank Su-Kam for creating a big change in our lives with its Sine Wave High Frequency Inverters.




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