A benchmark in quality -Su-Kam

That Su-Kam is the most quality-conscious company in the power back-up category, is no coincidence. The people at the helm of Su-Kam know too well, that more than 10 years ago, when they got into the power back-up sector, it was a crude and unorganized sector. It was suffering from low-tech & unreliable products. At that time, Su-Kam’s endeavor to make only the finest products, has made quality its most important priority and even obsession.

The list of recognition of this quality factor is a telling testament of the company’s relentless work in this area. Certifications include the ISO 9001, the ISO 14001:2004, the CE and many others. Put together, the quality consciousness at Su-Kam guarantees top notch practices and unbeatable products. The winners are not just Su-Kam, but also its many patrons.

Sample this for proof. First, we have the 2-year usage group including Mr. Dipesh Kothari from Chennai, Mr. Bhushan Jain from Jalandhar, Punjab, Mr. Onkar Nath from Jammu, Mr. Neeraj Kumar from Delhi and Mr. Gurpal Minia from Batala in Punjab. These Su-Kam customers have first hand experience of Su-Kam’s superb quality. They have been using their Su-Kam inverters for 2 years, without a single glitch.

At Su-Kam, several steps are taken to further ensure that quality standards are maintained at a very high degree. New Product Reviews, Process Capability Evaluations & Supplier Capability Surveys are just some of the measures undertaken on an ongoing basis to make sure that the ultimate products are created. Its proof is startling in the number of Su-Kam customers, who have been using their products for a shockingly long period of time.

Dr. Om Sharma from Delhi, 3 years. Mr. Lakhwinder Singh from Punjab, 4 years. Mr. Kulbir Chand from Ludhiana, 5 years, and Mr. Sanjay Mittal from New Delhi, has been using his Su-Kam for as long as 8 years! It almost sounds too good to be true, but these are the living results of a company, completely obsessed with quality!

Quality Planning & Quality Education & Training are facets that Su-Kam invests in heavily, both in terms of time & money. The results are there for all to see in Su-Kam being the benchmark in quality.




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