Su-Kam – One love but many reasons

Su-Kam offers a wide range of power back-up solutions. Today, not only is it a brand that is a market leader with large number sales; it is, in fact, a company that has a strong emotional connection & bond with its customers. Those who have patronized Su-Kam have come to love it, and to them, Su-Kam is much more than an inverter or a UPS. They love & vouch for the brand, and the reasons are plenty!

Pradeep Chauhan from New Delhi is one such committed patron. He says, “Over the many months that I have used Su-Kam, I see that nothing else has these kind of features & functions. I love my Su-Kam inverter. It is the best!” Another customer who states the same reason for loving the brand is Deepak Garg from Meerut. “I have been using Su-Kam for over a year & the functions are too good.” A similar experience has turned Sandeep Sarker into a Su-Kam loyalist. He says, “The features are very good, and they work very well. Su-Kam is the best.” The modern functions, innovative features, and smooth operation, are just one aspect that customers love about Su-Kam.

But the reasons for customers’ Su-Kam devotion are many. Another large group of customers admire Su-Kam for the value for money its products offer. Samiran Mondal from Kolkata says, “Su-Kam is the best combination of reliability, functions & affordability.” Like Samiran, Harish Mudila from Noida also agrees with the Su-Kam value proposition. He says, “Super functions at very reasonable rates, Su-Kam is the right balance.”

Aside from product-based advantages, it is now also Su-Kam’s widely accepted leadership status & good-willed reputation that makes people buy its products and fall for them. Manjit Gill from Kharar in Punjab admits, “I bought Su-Kam because it is famous & well known. And now I love it because it is really a great product.” Kallol Chatterji from Noida echoes Manjit’s sentiments, “Su-Kam is very famous. That’s why I purchased it. It is a fantastic product!” Arun Bohat from Haryana initially purchased his Su-Kam because of its brand-name, but having used it, now “love(s) it for its great quality!”

Su-Kam is loved and treasured and its customers swear by the super performance of its products. Arun Gupta from Ludhiana says, “I love Su-Kam because of its top quality & reasonable prices.” And Suresh Kumar from Bangalore sums it up perfectly. He says, “The features influence the buying decision, and then the great user-experience makes anyone a loyal customer.”

What emerges clearly is that there are many who love Su-Kam, and there are many reasons why Su-Kam is rightly patronized by thousands of happy customers.




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