Indian Ingenuity – Su-Kam

‘Ek Nayi Soch’ – That’s the tag line of brand Su-Kam. It is a phrase that captures the genuine underlying philosophy of the brand. A call to innovation, ingenuity, and pioneering technology. But at Su-Kam, innovation is not something that is just a nice buzz word that the management likes to put onto presentations.

For years now, Su-Kam has consistently produced trailblazing power back-up products, that have shaped and redefined the power back-up sector, and emerged the benchmark for this category. This is done by investing heavily in Research & Development. Products, processes and consumers benefit from dynamism and change. Hence every effort is made to keep the development cycle short, without losing focus on key issues like reliability, maintenance and the need to deliver value-for-money.

The R&D strength is reinforced with extensive infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art equipment like Power Analyzers, Digital Scopes, Waveform Generator, Curve Tracer, Protocol Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzers, Brake Dynamometer, Emulator and Simulator for DSP & Micro Controller applications, and Programmable Power Supplies, enabling Su-Kam to develop design capabilities that are at a par with international standards. ‘More for Less’ has been the enduring philosophy of the organization and thus the driving principle of the research teams.

All this amounts to excellent, efficient, reliable and affordable products, that are adopted by many, many customers. Inverters, UPS systems for home & office and many other products form part of an exhaustive product portfolio, that find patronage in every part of the country.

Mr. Pavan Mupalla from Secunderabad, Mr. Rama Subaiah Dhara from Hyderabad and Mr. Satyanarayana Adari from Anakapalli, all in Andhra Pradesh; Mr. Gurudath Nagabhushana, Mr. Yash Goel & Mr. Vishal Shamra from Gurgaon; Mr. Anil Chawla from Noida and Mr. Bhagwan Lal from Muzaffarpur in Bihar; all these Su-Kam customers clearly represent the wide geographic & cultural reach of Su-Kam. Most importantly, people all over the country are enjoying the benefits of cutting edge, innovative & frugal technology, thanks to all the Research & development, at Su-Kam.

Su-Kam, truly is, the best representation of Indian ingenuity!




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