Always be empowered with Su-Kam

There have been many important inventions in human history. The telephone, the computer, the television; all of these inventions have been path-breaking, and to envisage modern life without them, is simply impossible. There is one modern-day product, however, that has changed the face of the power-stripped Indian landscape. To place this revolutionary product, alongside the world’s greatest inventions, might not be an exaggeration. The Inverter, by Su-Kam, has transformed, uplifted and reformed lives.

Until a decade ago, most Indians could barely contend with power deficit with crude, archaic, polluting back-up generators, that were unreliable, noisy, expensive to buy & run. Then came Su-Kam, with its clean, efficient, and inexpensive solutions. Their Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems have blazed a trail in the power back-up sector, and the proof is strong.

Mr. Vijay Narayanan from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu has been a Su-Kam loyalist. His first tryst with a Su-Kam inverter was over 2 years ago, and since, he has become a staunch Su-Kam proponent. The joy that constant power has brought into his life is unquantifiable. He never misses an opportunity to sing praises about the brand & its products and recommends it wholeheartedly to friends & family. He says that he feels empowered, thanks to Su-Kam.

The really amazing thing about Su-Kam is also its deep market penetration. Few other brands can boast of a reach & patronage like Su-Kam, that has literally reached each nook & corner of the country, and found customers far & wide. From Mrs. Khandare sitting in Ambernath, Maharashtra, to Mr. Vishnu Bhikulal in Nagpur, and to Mr. Munish Lodhi in Chandigarh; all Su-Kam users for over 2 years, are very happy patrons!

Of course, with any good brand, it all boils down to the reliability & longevity of its offerings. It is no different here too. Su-Kam has ensured that all its products are the best built, with the best possible technology. That Mrs. Gulzar Hussain from Pune and Mr. Sunder Raj from New Delhi are just a few among thousands, who have been using their first bought Su-Kam products for over 4 years, is telling testimony of their reliability.

With Su-Kam, you can rest assured, you will be always be empowered!




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