New or old, Su-Kam customers are happy customers

A happy customer-base is something every brand wants. But few are lucky enough to enjoy a growing number of consumers that are completely satisfied with the company’s offerings, where new and old patrons alike, form a permanent part of the brand’s dedicated client-list. Su-Kam is one such rare brand!

Jagat Pattnaik from Orissa has only recently become a Su-Kam customer. His 5 months of inverter usage has been totally trouble free. And for this, he thanks Su-Kam & will continue using the brand forever now. Like Jagat, Anand Kumar from Guwahati is also most pleased with his decision to buy Su-Kam. He feels that from all the competition, Su-Kam is leagues ahead when it comes to technology & reliability. His inverter has been perfect since purchase. And Sudhir Mathur from Kolkata, another recent Su-Kam customer, can’t stop raving about his Su-Kam inverter either. Rock solid reliability, he says, is a given with Su-Kam!

But aside from customers, who have recently adopted Su-Kam, the medium-term customers are also all praise for the brand. Shiv Yadav from Mirzapur has had his Su-Kam inverter for a little over half a year. And he is very pleased with its fault-free performance. Jagannath Garimella from Hyderabad has also had his Su-Kam inverter for the same period of time. And he thanks his friends for suggesting the product because it has served him very well. While two more Su-Kam customers, both from Kolkata – Anil Mukherjee & Sandip Osta – are considering more purchases, since their respective inverters have also given them very good performance, and both are very happy with the products.

The real endurance test though, comes from the long-term consumers. People who have been using the products for over a year. Here too, Su-Kam passes the acid test with flying colors. Gyaneshwar Razdan from New Delhi proudly says that Su-Kam is simply the “greatest brand” in the inverter space. In his 2 years of Su-Kam usage, he has never had a single problem. Like him, Nitin Malik from the neighboring Gurgaon is an even older, three year veteran user of a Su-Kam inverter. He says, “It is a perfect product!” Sounds suspicious? But there are many more who agree. Like BS Raghuram from Bangalore, whose 3-year-old Su-Kam inverter has run smoothly throughout. The one little snag it faced was replaced immediately by Su-Kam’s efficient service team!

Such is Su-Kam’s product integrity that its products just go on & on, without glitches. L Rajesh from Andhra Pradesh has been using Su-Kam for the last 5 years! Despite the long duration, his inverter is still going strong, with not a sign of replacement!

It’s no wonder that Su-Kam’s customers, old & new, are such a content bunch of people.




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