Su-kam – The complete Inverter

Inverter technology has transformed the way we view power back-up. In a country where large parts suffer from electricity cuts regularly, thanks to inverters that the dark days of polluting & noisy generators are behind us. Su-Kam has paved the pioneering way for modern, reliable inverters. And despite local & international competition, it remains at the very forefront of the inverter business.

Amit Kumar from Meerut can’t think beyond Su-Kam inverters. He says, “The product and service is excellent and the sales team is also good. I am fully satisfied with my Su-Kam.” His sentiments are echoed by many others including a to-the-point Manish Okade from Karnataka. “There is no other inverter like Su-Kam. I am satisfied overall.”

Others have found through research & experience that Su-Kam inverters combine the best attributes into the most efficient packages. Lalit Ataria from Ghaziabad is one such person. He talks about his experience saying, “First I used a local inverter, par who kharab ho jata tha within 8 months; so I decided to buy a Su-Kam finally. I researched and found that ratewise and qualitywise, the product sounded the best. The service is good and the product is also good.” Some like Pankaj Bhargava, also from Ghaziabad, were convinced upon seeing Su-Kam’s ads. He says, “I saw the ads and after some research, I purchased it. The product and the service is overall good. I would even would recommend to other people that they buy Su-Kam inverters.”

Many people have become a part of Su-Kam’s fan following. The fuss-free & purpose-built inverters are miles ahead of anything else in the market. “I have been using my Su-Kam inverter at home and at great running cost. No problem till now,” says Rajendra Kacker of Lucknow. While Vikas Patel from Pune puts his money in saying there is just no competition when it comes to Su-Kam inverters. He says, “The service and the products are a tall benchmark. There can be no comparison. I only use Su-Kam products.”

The user-base of Su-Kam inverters is a happy & ever-growing family. A family where each member is proud to have chosen Su-Kam. And like Ram Agarwal from New Delhi, they are not shy of expressing their delight. Ram says, “I saw that the market of Su-Kam inverters was good and purchased the product. It gives me a lot of joy to say that the product is working fine and I didn’t even require any service back-up for my product. So everything is fine now.”

It is this relentless & faultless performance that has made Su-Kam inverters truly special, and simply a class apart from anything else out there. And it is for the same reasons that one could even say that a Su-Kam inverter, is indeed, the complete inverter!




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