Su-kam – Just simple power solutions

Technology has evolved and come a long way. By and large, it has helped simplify our lives and made us more productive, and made our work more efficient. But sometimes, advanced technology can be a very scary. Especially so for people of a slightly older age-bracket or regular folks, who haven’t had the exposure that a big-city offers. Such people can find technology extremely intimidating. Then, a product that employs cutting-edge technology, even while being very effective, becomes a nightmare and an impossibility to use, deeming it redundant!

Su-Kam is the maker of cutting-edge power back-up solutions. But there is one crucial factor that makes Su-Kam’s inverters, batteries and UPS systems, so popular. It is because, even while being technologically advanced, they are extremely user-friendly. Anyone, from an elderly person to a farmer in the rural hinterland, can use them. It is a quality that is rare and not always present in high-tech products, but Su-Kam has worked hard to make their products very simple to use. Their popularity, as a result, is overwhelming!

Mr. Pamroo Chaddha from Jalandhar in Punjab testifies for this ‘usability’ factor. He says that he is extremely happy with his Su-Kam inverter. And it is so easy to use, everyone in the house can operate it! And Mr. Chaddha is not among the minority. Almost any Su-Kam user one speaks to, mentions easy usage as one of Su-Kam products’ hallmarks. Dr. Lalit Kumar, Mr. Krishan Walia, Mr. Pradeep Soni & Mr. Brij Chaddha, all gentlemen from Punjab who have been using Su-Kam products since over a year, agree that when it comes to simplicity, Su-Kam is unbeatable!

Huge investments in Design, Research & Technology ensure that every Su-Kam product is the best it can possibly be. Not just in terms of usability, but also in terms of build quality, reliability, efficiency and affordability. And these myriad benefits that are packed into a Su-Kam, have found buyers & appreciators across the country. Also from Punjab there are Mr. Jasvir Singh, Mr. Nitin Kumar & Mr. Pankaj Sharma, who, along with Mr. Deepak Gupta from Uttar Pradesh, swear that they will never use any other power back-up brand except Su-Kam!

It’s terribly simple. So just go out there, buy a Su-Kam that suits your needs, and forget about it!




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