Su-Kam – Rewarding distributorship

I have recently become a distributor for Su-Kam in North Delhi. For many years, I worked as a multi-brand dealer for power solutions companies. But only Su-Kam rewarded me for my hard work and offered me a lot of support. This is the reason I have been able to get this promotion and have risen from being a dealer to a distributor. Though it’s just one year, I am very happy.

I started out being a dealer and then did some wholesaling as well and finally moved on to this distributorship which has increased by business four fold. All thanks to Su-Kam! This is a company that recognizes hard work and gives people their due.

The increase in business though, is not just because of my hard work, but also because of the quality of Su-Kam products. To sell a good product of a good company is always easier than selling bad ones. Su-Kam’s technology and their quality is number one. There is no doubt about it! Open any inverter and compare it with a Su-Kam; you’ll find that all components of a Su-Kam inverter are far superior – stuff that has been made through good R&D. And as far as batteries go, their batteries are by far the best.

In my journey with Su-Kam, I have gone from being a nobody to somebody big in North Delhi today. Their support has always been complete. Whenever there has been a problem, either service related, or marketing related, I’ve spoken to the higher-ups and the problem has been promptly solved. Associating with Su-Kam has made me a very satisfied businessman.

I’d like to tell all my dealer friends that if they work hard in a Su-Kam dealership, they are bound to progress quickly. They’ll also grow to the stature that I have grown to…all because of Su-Kam!

– Lalit Kumar Gupta




  1. Sir,
    My name is Prashant B. am living in pune. and I also want a distributorship of Sukem Inverters Please contact me on this no for further ..
    I really need your assistance.

    • Hi Prashant,

      Thanks for the query. We will get back to you on this soon. Meanwhile you can also call up on our toll free no. 1800 102 4423 to get assistance in this regard. Kindly also send us your complete contact details.

      Su-Kam Executive

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