Su-Kam technology – Longevity assured

Technology has become the bedrock of modern life. From the simplest to the most complex tasks we undertake, it is technology that plays a significant role in them all. Communication, transportation, trading; everything is governed by technology and the better the technology, the more efficient & productive the work. In a tech-obsessed world, power back-up solutions also are expected to be packed with the latest technology. But the in the recent times only one company has pioneered and mastered these superior products – Su-Kam.

Not more than a decade ago, when much of the country was struggling for power back-up using home-grown, unreliable and crude machines from the unorganized sector, Su-Kam had the foresight & vision to invest heavily in research & development and produce a line of products that forever revolutionized the power back-up sector. And today, these tech-perfect products have become the benchmark for long-lasting efficient power back-up.

An overwhelming numbers of Su-Kam customers testify to the company’s technological prowess. Mr. Dhavnda Murali Krishna from Hyderabad is one of Su-Kam’s many long term customers, who has been enjoying uninterrupted power, thanks to his Su-Kam inverter. In turn, Mr. Murali credits the ‘solid’ technology’ in his Su-Kam machine for its brilliant 3-year performance. Like Mr. Murali, there is Mr. Anupam Mohanty from Bhubaneshwar, Mr. Amit Joshi from Noida and Mr. P S Arora from New Delhi. These gentlemen have been using their Su-Kam machines for 3 & 1.5 years respectively. In their time, they have never faced any problems. Their machines never falter, and the technology ensures they go on & on!

The impact that Su-Kam has had on the collective consciousness of the nation is remarkable. Large sections of states within India have strong Su-Kam loyalists. Like these customers, all from West Bengal – Mr. Sunil Govindan, Mrs. Deepti Mallik, Mr. Dipesh Dasgupta & Mr. Binay Rungta, who have owned Su-Kam products for varying lengths of time. For them, there has, literally, not been a single dark moment.

Su-Kam continues to be at the forefront of the technological revolution by constantly challenging & innovating. Watch out, there’s always a game-changing Su-Kam around the corner!




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