Su-Kam – Performance, year after year!

What is the measure of a great product? Some would argue, and perhaps correctly, that durability & reliability are the key factors in judging a product. These are the same reasons why Swiss watches are the most sought after, or German cars most prized. Sure, many other nations produce these products. But it is because of the engineering & build integrity that a Swiss watch & a German car has, that make them endlessly reliable performers.

A similar reputation has now been garnered by Su-Kam inverters. Su-Kam has consistently invested time, money & effort in developing technologies. Their research, development & manufacturing abilities have borne fruit, and today, millions swear by their inverters’ endless reliability!

For instance, take Mr. Gobind Lal Kochar & Mr. Balbir Singh, both from Jalandhar in Punjab. They are now 1-year plus users of Su-Kam products. And in their respective years of usage, neither has encountered a single problem! They have, and continue to enjoy, smooth & complete performance and power back-up.

Even stronger validation of Su-Kam’s brilliant products comes from customers who have used their respective Su-Kam inverters & UPS Systems for almost 2 years. These include the likes of Mr. Debojyoti Roy, Mr. Parthasarthi Basu & Mrs. Papri Sen from Kolkata, Mr. Dilip Choudhari from Pune and Mr. Kawaljit Singh from Mohali in Punjab. Ranging between a year & a half to two years; these Su-Kam customers now swear by the Su-Kam performance.

Constantly updating their technologies with new introductions like Sine Wave Inverters, large capacity batteries and many more innovations; Su-Kam’s product range is not just diverse, but also extremely efficient & reliable. The engineering integrity that is part of each Su-Kam machine is a proud testament of Indian, home-grown talent.

Finally, we have the group who has been using Su-Kam back-up solutions for the longest – the 3-5 year period. Mr. Rakesh Kohli from Delhi, Mr. C Damodaran from Chennai, and Mr. Pougajendy Pugal from Pondicherry. All these customers represent the really long-term users & happy beneficiaries of the Su-Kam customer family. In their many years of Su-Kam product usage, they have grown to love the brand & its products. Just like a German car would give years of faultless performance, with Su-Kam, one is guaranteed unfailing performance, year on year!




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