Su-Kam – Super performance, endless reliability

A lot of brands make a lot of great products. But only when those products give perfect performance for years together, do they become exceptional. Su-Kam products have proved this beyond doubt. And this is why…

Lalit Nandagawli from Bangalore has been a long-term Su-Kam user. He says, “I am using Su-Kam 800VA for 3 years. It has good stability. The power supply is controlled and the cost & service support are unmatched!” Nitin Kumar, from Delhi, is also a fully satisfied Su-Kam long-termer. “Been using a Su-Kam UPS for last 2 years. Best quality, low maintenance aur customer care accha hai.”

Janet De Penning from Kolkata can’t stop thanking her friends. “I heard about Su-Kam UPS from my friends. It has been 2 years now & there is no problem whatsoever. Now I only use Su-Kam products.” Even Dr. Hare Govind Singh from Varanasi vouches for Su-Kam’s rock solid reliability. “I have had my Su-Kam home inverter for 1 year now. Bilkul accha chal raha hai (It’s working just fine).” Back in the capital city, Kasiviswanath Vuppala has been using Su-Kam products for 4 long & satisfying years. He says, “Quality, customer service & cost wise, Su-Kam products are the best.” In drought-prone Rajasthan, Ashok Mathur pledges for Su-Kam. “I am using Su-Kam inverter for 1 year and I am totally satisfied with the product & service. The brand is excellent.”

It is thanks to so many happy customers that Su-Kam is so well respected. Business analyst Amit Gupta from Delhi says, “I heard about the brand & about the customer support. I bought an inverter 1.5 years back I’m very happy. Three things about the Su-Kam I would like to say is the service, price factor and the performance of the product.” Lalit Choudhary from Rajasthan also heard good things about Su-Kam from fellow customers, and is now a happy Su-Kam inverter customer for 2 years!

The confidence that Su-Kam’s technology & self-belief brings to customers is immense. Amit Gupta from Delhi says, “Su-Kam was well branded & was giving a good warranty. There is no leakage and noise from the battery. 1 year now and overall the service is very good.” Two more Delhi Su-Kam customers are of the same view as Amit Gupta. Anuj Selot & Sanjay Kaul, who say respectively; “The product is good and the performance is also good” & “Using an inverter for 2 years, I am satisfied with the product and the service of Su-Kam.

The biggest testimony for a Su-Kam product can only come from a technical person himself. Technical engineer Varun Sharma from Bangalore says, “Three things about a Su-Kam product is that the product is good, gives a good backup for long power cuts, and overall, the service is good. My SinWave inverter has been too good for 2 years now.”

With long-lasting performance & ease of ownership; Su-Kam guarantees peace of mind for years.




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