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There are a few important things that make us content, and our lives complete – health, wealth, and happiness. But in many parts of India, and indeed the world over, this contentment is often interrupted by the menace of power cuts. For the right or the wrong reasons, power cuts, load shedding, and the paucity of electricity exists to a large degree. This, obviously, has a detrimental effect, as the lack of constant power lessens our quality of life, both at home and the office.

But an alarming number of people have been able to successfully combat the power-crunch menace. By using some very innovative and economical power back-up products from Su-Kam – inverters in different size and capacities, depending on the need; UPS systems to prevent electronics from spoiling, when the lights go out; and batteries that provide constant power to home and industrial electronics – they ensure that productivity does not suffer.

This range of power back-up products has been Su-Kam’s biggest winner, and its largest gift to the people. After heavy investment in developing environment and consumer friendly machines, Su-Kam’s inverters, and other products, have acquired a legendary reputation. Millions swear by the reliability and performance of these machines. They give people an opportunity to have constant power, and to lead content, fulfilling lives.

Mr. Sumit Shreedhar from Pune, Mr. Govind Maaloo from Ahemadnagar are two whose lives have been transformed, thanks to their Su-Kam machines. They have been lifted from the darkness of their load shedding, and today lead very content lives. Like them, there are scores of others – Mr. Santosh Jha from Ghaziabad, Mr. Vinay Seth from Faizabad, Mr. Rakesh Chawla and Mr. Yegdev Nagar from Delhi, the proprietors of Mahesh Agencies in Dhanbad, and Mr. Guljit Singh Shah from SAS Nagar. These are Su-Kam customers who have been gifted the life of power.

For these people, life is content and full of hope, opportunity and prosperity. Thanks to Su-Kam, their lives are Sumangal!




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