Customers happy with Su-Kam inverters

What makes customers happy? It’s a combination of a great product/service, value for money and constant support. And the one brand that immediately comes to mind in this regard, a company that fulfills each of these criterions, is Su-Kam. Over the years, Su-Kam, armed with the best products in the market, has blazed a trail of happy, enlightened customers. This strong group of Su-Kam customers is now a very happy & content lot, and they express their happiness in no uncertain terms. Here is living proof of the faith Su-Kam’s happy customers repose in their beloved brand.

Ramkrishna Vadepally from Gurgaon, Asit Kundu & Biplab Hore from Kolkata have had Su-Kam inverters from lengths varying between 6 months to a year; and all three are very pleased with the performance of & support from Su-Kam. They will now always patronize Su-Kam products.

A little further up the ‘usage’ chain, we have customers like Chopperla Raja from Andhra Pradesh, Swarup Das from Kolkata, and Abhijit Gore from Hyderabad. They, having used their respective Su-Kam inverters for upwards of 2 years, are fully satisfied. Even if there has been the slightest of trouble, the Su-Kam service & technical support has solved the issue painlessly, clinically, and quickly!

Bishnu Das from Orissa, Sanjay Bisht from Haryana, and Mousumi & Arun Basu from Kolkata are also recipients of the stellar Su-Kam service support. No sooner did they encounter a routine problem, than Su-Kam service was at their doorstep to lend a helping hand. Great service for great products is what these customers are thrilled with.

And while Prakash Chandra from Bhubaneshwar is yet another happy Su-Kam inverter customer; in the final analysis, it is the truly long-time users of Su-Kam inverters that prove that a ‘Happy Inverter means a Happy Customer’. Two such Su-Kam veterans are Rajesh Soni from Faridabad and K Rajit from Gurgaon, Haryana. Both bought their respective Su-Kam inverters over 4 years ago and have since enjoyed uninterrupted power, undeterred service, and unhindered joy from their inverters. They are ecstatic, and swear that their ‘Happy Inverters make them really Happy Customers!’




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