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Why does a company enter a business? What is its core duty? It’s to produce and offer a quality product. A product that is well built, uses dependable technology and performs smoothly without breaking down. There is however an equally important second aspect to any company that provides products, particularly electronic or mechanical products; and that is technical service & maintenance. Because even if the product is made according to high standards, it can only function properly if it receives regular care and attention, something that’s only possible if the company puts a service network that is efficient and prompt in place.

The fact that Su-Kam is the undisputed leader when it comes to power back-up products such as Inverters, Batteries & UPS systems, is well known. But the company’s service support also plays a very crucial role in making Su-Kam the most sought after brand. Su-Kam has technicians who know their jobs, know their machines and provide superb service back-up.

We can see this clearly by talking with a host of real life Su-Kam customers. Lets take a small sample. This is a group of Su-Kam Home UPS customers from various power-short parts of Uttar Pradesh. It comprises of Mr. Badal Dayal, Mr. Lalit Sharma, Mr. Laxmi Narayan, Mr. Pallav Agarwal, Mr. Anant, Mr. Juber Sharif Kirmani, Mr. Ravi Shankar, Mr. Anil Sharma & Mr. Rajinder Kapoor.

Mr. Dayal has been using his Su-Kam home UPS for many years. Particularly long for a power back-up product like a UPS system. And the reason it has lasted him so long – good service. Like Mr. Dayal, Mr. Lalit Sharma also credits his superb experience with Su-Kam and its machine to service. He says that prompt and timely service support has made sure that the inverter runs smoothly and for a long time.

In fact all the people in this sample of Su-Kam customers have similar experiences to share. And they know that when it comes to service and technical support, Su-Kam places first priority on service and that’s what makes it the truly great brand. The product is superb to begin with. But with excellent service support it takes things to a new level altogether. Supportive products with support as their main priority!

Contact info:

Mr. Badal Dayal – 4/37, SEC 5,RAJENDRA NAGAR, Ghaziabad


Mr. Pallav Agarwal – 50, AMBEDKAR ROAD,, Ghaziabad

Mr. Ravi Shankar – 11/55 SEC 3 RAJENDER NAGAR, SHaibabad

Mr. Anant – F-40 SEC-21, Noida

Mr. Jubair – E-138, FF, SEC-26, NOIDA

Mr. Anil Sharma – R 9/294 RAJ NAGAR, Ghaziabad

Mr. Rajinder Kapoor – A-755 SEC=19, Noida

Mr. Laxmi Narayan – H-120, SECTOR-27, Noida



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