Surendra Mehendiratta proud to be a part of Su-Kam


“Su-Kam has given me a reason to see myself grow with the co. for the past 25 years”

I have been a part of the Su-Kam family since its inception. I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to lay the foundation for this great company. Su-Kam for me, is not just an employer; it is a dream come true after years of toil and sweat we have put into it. And this dream has become a possibility due to the vision of the very ingenious man, Mr Kunwar Sachdev. He gave us the reason and motivation to work for building the brand from scratch. Through years of perseverance and hard work, we have been able to establish a brand that is synonimous with quality & satisfaction. We have strived, over the years, to inspire innovative thought process in each and every employee in the organisation. Till date, our company boasts of a tranparent work culture, and a healthy coexistance that exists between the co-workers. I am proud to be a part of this company that has given me a reason to see myself grow with it. 



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