Syria Gets Ready to Go Solar with Su-Kam

Last week, we invited our very special distributor from Syria. Abdul Rahman Issa has been Su-Kam’s proud channel partner since 2010. His fondness for Su-Kam and its products has only increased over the years. He was very happy to see our head office, R & D centre and meeting our MD, Kunwer Sachdeva, was like cherry on the cake


Mr. Abdul has been selling our batteries and inverters with ease but he now wants to opt for green energy by creating a market for Su-Kam’s solar products in his home country.

As many of you know, Syria is war-torn country. The power situation is so bad that people don’t get electricity for up to 15 hours every day. We at Su-Kam are so happy that we are able to help bring light in Syrian houses. We’re also looking forward to solar powered houses, businesses, and institutions in Syria. Our solar products are benefiting many Middle-east Asian and African countries – 35 schools in Rwanda (another developing country facing massive power shortage) have been powered by Su-Kam solar system.

Our, MD, Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva was very pleased to meet our special Su-Kamian from Syria. Mr. Kunwer said, “Owing to the wide variety of solar products, Su-Kam has an immense scope in Syria and Lebanon. You’ll soon see us making our mark in the market”.

All the best to team Su-Kam for solarising Syria. More power to you – literally.



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