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Pan India Su-Kam!

What began as a modest operation of building inverters literally in his backyard, has become innovator-entrepreneur Kunwer Sachdev's Indian power back-up MNC we all know as Su-Kam. The brand is a leader among power back-up solutions providers. The real story, however, is not Su-Kam's meteoric...

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We thank Su-Kam!

There is seldom a brand that comes along and becomes part of a large population's daily life. A brand that becomes so entrenched in one's existence, it would be hard to imagine life without its products or services. Su-Kam, with its inverters & UPS systems,...

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Su-Kam – The gift of light

“And God said, let there be light, and there was light.” ~ The Bible While God willed there be light in the universe; the truth in today's world is, ironically, quite the contrary. Especially so in India. Large parts of the country, even developed parts,...

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Su-Kam! Efficient in every way

What makes for superior products? Is it useful features? Is it hassle-free maintenance? Or is it great design? Actually, it is all of the above. And it is precisely this combination that is part of every Su-Kam product. But don't take our word for it;...

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All round back-up with Su-Kam

Su-Kam's products are known all over the world for their technology & efficiency. But what really sets them apart is the 360° support & back-up that these products come with. An assurance of the best customer service & after-sales support are given to ensure trouble-free...

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