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How a PG in Manesar tackled 23 hours of power cut per day

Manesar, a fast-growing industrial town in Gurgaon district is gearing up to becoming the next industrial hub of India. But on the flip side some pockets of this town are reeling under poor infrastructure and serious power shortage. PG gets just 1-2 hours of electricity...

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See how this nursing home in Uttar Pradesh saves Rs. 20,000 per month!

Solar is perhaps the best alternate source of electricity generation for India as the country is bestowed with sunlight. The amazing thing about using solar is that it is free and low on maintenance. Its accessibility is also one major reason why it is recommended....

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This beautiful solar installation in Agra saves Rs. 70,000

From reducing the carbon footprint to saving money and environment, solar has more benefits than you can ever think. People are also gradually understanding how solar can be the best solution for their power related worries. Recently, Cement Associates situated in Agra decided to switch...

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Smart Chargers that Charge Batteries in 6 Stages Now in India

Every inverter owner would agree that they are fed up with problems in their batteries. However, before you start blaming the battery you should look at how ordinary inverters charge batteries. Most inverters in the market use age old charging technology which damages the health...

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