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Royal Enfield Showroom in Hardoi Goes 100% Solar and Expects Almost Rs. 0 Electricity Bill in Coming Months

Mr. Nihal is the Director with Royal Enfield Company. He wanted to set an example in his company to promote the use of green energy, so he decided to start with solarizing the showroom of Royal Enfield located in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Nihal...

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My 3BHK Flat in Haryana is Now Fully Solar! It Runs 3 Fans and Lights, 1 PC, 1 Water Motor and Fridge Smoothly

This story is narrated by Su-Kam’s authorized distributor who recently converted this house into a solar powered station! Read the full story below: Why Did They Opt For Solar? Mr. Dhrambir lives with his wife and 3 kids in a flat in Meham district, Haryana....

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How This Solar Installation in my Farm is Making Me Save 1 Lac Per Year!

Electricity Condition in Punjab Mr. Vipin owns a poultry farm located in the village area of Punjab. The area in which this farm is located receives no electricity. Vipin was struggling with this issue for a year and was managing with fuel lamps and he...

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God Bless! Another Church in Maharashtra goes Solar

Remember we told you about how our authorized dealer Mr. Ravindra brought light to this church that received no electricity by installing a solar powered system? Here’s an update! He solarised yet another church! A noble act again! Read the full story here: Why solar...

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My Solar Installer Asked These 3 Crucial Questions before Suggesting the Best Solar Inverter for My House

Why was solar power required in this area? Mr. Praveen decided to construct a home for himself and his family. They decided to get a house in Sanchore district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The area where Praveen decided to get his house constructed...

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After Solar Powered Homes and Offices, Meet a Solar Temple in India

Why was solar power required in this area? Narayan is the owner of a temple located in Sanchore, District Jalore, Rajasthan. This temple required to run its appliances and due to power cuts every day, they needed a power backup system. The temple ran its...

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How Constant Powercuts in Chandigarh Made me Install Solar in My Office

Mr. Praveen owns a company called ‘RSM Enterprises’ located in the industrial area of Chandigarh. The area in which this company is located experiences short but regular power cuts. Since the last one year Chandigarh has been facing erratic power cuts - As reported by...

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