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Su-Kam – Investing in Power

Twelve years ago, one man had a dream. Kunwer Sachdev saw the thoroughly disorganized power back-up sector. He saw that there were polluting diesel generators, and the inverters available were crude, unreliable, mock-up jobs made using sundry spare parts from defunct electronic items in backyards....

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Su-kam: Great quality products

In these days of increased commercialization and marketing very few products actually offer what they promise. Therefore, I find it a pleasant surprise that Su-kam’s products truly give full value for its price and much more. I speak based on my personal experience. I have...

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Su-kam: Problem free products

[caption id="attachment_521" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Anil Sharma, Advocate, Gurgaon."][/caption] At times, we do something on an impulse and it turns out to be a great decision. Buying Su-kam inverter and battery is one such impulse that has served me really well. I saw an inverter at...

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