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Su-Kam at Your Service 24X7

“Grahak Devo Bhava” Yes, at Su-Kam we believe that our customers are no less than God. Keeping our commitment to provide the best support to our customers, we are happy to inform you that our customer care center will now work 24 hours a day,...

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Great service by Su-Kam!

Many companies sell technically advanced products. Products that have the latest features, and are packed with the modern conveniences. But no sooner is the limited warranty period up, than the products begin to develop problems. This strong point separates Su-Kam from the rest. Not only...

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Su-Kam serves one and all

Su-Kam's product range caters to every customer segment, every industry, and every type of consumer. More importantly, across the geographical length & breadth of India, happy customers abound. And the proof is ample. Mr.Virendra Kumar Kathuria is a share broker with a leading investment multinational...

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Ladies’ choice – Su-kam!

Mrs Alka, Vice President of San Shadow Consultant Pvt Ltd is a Su-kam customer. She has been using an inverter for an year and claims that it is very good and praises the company for its trusted service. She says, “Su-Kam product is really good...

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Su-Kam – Simplifying life

I bought a Su-Kam 2.5 KV UPS in January 2010 and since then my life has become considerably easier. I have installed the UPS in my office and now it is possible to operate 304 PCs with one power backup system instead of having to...

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