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This NGO in Delhi Installed Grid-Tie Solar to Take its Electricity Bill Down to ZERO!

Here is a story of how this NGO installed Su-Kam’s grid tied inverter and they will now save INR 25000 per year along with zero consumption from grid. Read more to find out the details: How did solar power benefit this NGO? This story is...

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Why This Buddhist Monastery Decided to Go Solar?

Buddhism is a religion based on the core values of Ahimsa and Peace. Buddhists often try to extend these ideals to their daily lives. Recently, a caretaker at Buddhist monastery decided to go generate electricity in the most peaceful and non-violent way possible without harming...

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Do You Know About This Solar Powered Bio-gas Plant in Delhi? Two Renewables Working Together

A bio-gas plant located in Kishanganj, railway station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi recently turned to solar to run their motors that convert burnt and fertilized bio-gas substrate into electricity and heat. Previously the bio-gas motors were running on grid supply and fetched a good monthly...

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Great service by Su-Kam!

Many companies sell technically advanced products. Products that have the latest features, and are packed with the modern conveniences. But no sooner is the limited warranty period up, than the products begin to develop problems. This strong point separates Su-Kam from the rest. Not only...

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Delhi loves Su-kam!

Mr S.D Chabbra, a resident of New Delhi is all praise for Su-kam. He uses Su-kam MAK 850VA and is very happy with the product. He narrates an experience when the stabilizer at his residence and started malfunctioning. This adversely affected several of his appliances...

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