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Solar-powered Computers: This Office in Lucknow Runs Computers on Solar Power All Day Long

One of the major running costs of businesses everywhere is utility bills. With electricity price increasing steadily at a rate of 7-8% annually, business owners are looking for alternatives. This office plugged in solar Like countless others, Nikhil owner of Shyam Tractor Agency, Lucknow road...

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Su-Kam – Pride of Punjab!

Punjab, and its hearty citizens, arguably represent the most resilient section of the Indian population. They are enterprising, proud, compassionate and daring. And their contribution to the growth of the nation is both, substantial and unquestionable. So when Punjab patronizes a particular brand in large...

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Growing Su-Kam family

Su-Kam has led the inverter revolution in India. When people were using crude, unreliable inverters, it was Su-Kam that modernized the inverter, organized the sector, and made available a new breed of products to the country. But that was a decade ago. Today, a horde...

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