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Su-Kam Hi Su-Kam

Su-Kam has metamorphosed into a gigantic company with a global reach. But more importantly, it has provided a range of power back-up products that have found mass-patronage across India. From every corner of the country, people are using Su-Kam's inverter, UPS systems and batteries. And...

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Sabka Support

India is a country that's plunged in darkness for hours together, bringing a dampener on progress and development. The frequent power-cuts lead to homes not being able to perform basic functions and work being hampered due to a halt in production and communications. However, there...

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To Serve & Protect

Customer support, the bane of the Indian consumer's existence. Despite using products and services from a slew of Indian and international brands, many people, though satisfied with the product/service, find that the service support falls woefully short of expectations. Say you get an expensive air-conditioner...

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Long Lasting Power

Power is a precious commodity. Not only is power expensive to begin with, it is also in short supply. Several parts of India, including the metros, suffer from power shortage. There are frequent power-cuts, load shedding by the government and several times there is no...

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Finding Solutions

Our modern world is technologically advanced and our fast paced lives have made us rely on a growing number of gadgets and appliances. No one has time in their busy schedules, hence everything is increasingly becoming automated. While this has resulted in undeniable convenience, it...

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Sunny Su-Kam

The world, today, suffers from incredible environmental damage. Over the ages, man has unwittingly & slowly destroyed the natural world, depleted the ozone layer and melted the polar ice caps. The result is a world with global warming, rising temperatures, diminishing natural resources, and an...

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Green products by Su-Kam

Power back-up solutions is the one category of products that is normally associated with pollution and noise. But Su-Kam is one company that has been working tirelessly to provide products that are clean & efficient, and also have a range of innovative, technologically superior products...

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My extended family – Su-Kam

These days, you will hear very few people saying that they have worked for the same company for so many years. Two, three, maximum four years, is what a person gives to a single company. I am very proud that I can say I have...

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All-round development at Su-Kam

[caption id="attachment_610" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Nishant Kumar Singh, a young employee of Su-kam is all praise for it and feels that Su-Kam has played a very pivotal role in his allround development"][/caption] Even as a relatively young employee at Su Kam, I feel that working here...

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